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Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging provides flexible remuneration for Employees and a positive policy inclusion for Employers.

Pay@bility (https://www.bility.com.au/) was established to serve the salary packaging requirements of clients who want an end-to- end salary packaging service, incorporating strong fleet management capability with transparent benefit administration, choosing not to be with a conglomerate.

We provide administration services for all Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) organisation types: private enterprise, not for profit employers, charities and the health sector.

We are Australian owned, with headquarters in Perth and offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, allowing us to provide services across the Australian time-zones. Pay@bility was founded by Lance Compton, having spent much of his working career in the industry, building some of the largest salary packaging companies in Australia and managing some of the country’s largest contracts.

Our unique system enables employers and benefit administrators to custom-design their packaging programmes, then monitor usage on demand, whilst providing the ease of use and transparency that employees require to benefit from salary packaging.

We do not use a bank card programme for Capped Benefits or Meal Entertainment. This improves the employee experience by;

Using our technology that has been developed with 15 years of Intellectual Property;

We have integrated our fleet management platform with our salary packaging platform, thereby removing the need to double touch any package;

We deploy a staff member to your site to administer salary packaging and be the point of contact for employees as we transition and for queries for up to 12 months after we transition. Time varies from full-time to half-day or part-time, based on the need and the participation, which can be extended based on site requirements;

We can structure our administration to run a full or partial outsource, recognising that you may wish to retain part of the administration internally.

Paul Mather is Pay@bility’s FBT & Salary Packaging Specialist with over 25 years of FBT & Salary Packaging experience.

Other Salary Packaging projects

In addition to undertaking Implementation and Outsourcing of salary packaging arrangements for employers, we have recently undertaken the following related projects:

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2022 Salary Packaging Masterclasses

Our full day Salary Packaging Masterclass is designed to help you and your colleagues manage, expand or implement your Salary Packaging program.

Our interactive Salary Packaging Masterclass bring together the practical guidance and technical rules to help you manage your Salary Packaging program and maximise the benefit to your employee’s in an efficient and rewarding manner.

Perth – Thursday 5 May 2022  (Hilton Parmelia)

Melbourne – Thursday 21 July 2022  (Melbourne Marriott)

Online – Wednesday 14 September 2022  (Online and Recorded)

Brisbane – Tuesday 18 October 2022  (Hilton Brisbane)

Sydney – Friday 21 October 2022  (Hilton Sydney)

Adelaide – Wednesday 26 October 2022  (Adelaide Hilton)

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