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FBT Services

We have a number of solutions to assist you in meeting your annual FBT compliance obligations.

FBT is a complex tax with return preparation being time-consuming and requiring a high level of detailed analysis. We provide a range of FBT related services to help reduce the compliance burden for our clients. Please feel free to contact us for further

FBT issues on the ATO radar

If you’re an employer, it pays to know what the ATO are looking out for and benefits you need to report so you can avoid making costly mistakes. In this year’s updated list of ‘What attracts ATO attention’, there are six items that specifically relate to fringe benefits tax (FBT).

These items are:

Being mindful of these FBT matters will help your business to stay off the ATO FBT radar and stay on track with your obligations.

Key areas to consider when managing FBT

What are your 2022 New Years FBT resolutions? (maybe you don’t have any 🙂 yet)

Here’s 10 New Years Salary Packaging and FBT resolutions that may resonate or get you thinking:

1. Develop Salary Packaging and Fringe Benefit policies, or rewrite / update existing Salary Packaging and Fringe Benefit policies

2. Plan to prepare the 2023 FBT return more effectively and efficiently

3. Salary Package an Electric Vehicle

4. Attend FBT training or run a FBT training session in-house

5. Implement a new employee expense process

6. Salary Package my existing vehicle using the Equilease product

7. Transition valuing entertainment from 50/50 to actual method

8. Introduce, broaden or enhance your Salary Packaging offering

9. Assess liability to 2023 FBT on car parking on all our parking locations in light of the new definition of Commercial Parking Station

10. Follow up employee’s to submit their manual car logbooks or introduce GPS technology


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