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Salary Packaging

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1800 FBT SALPAC (1800 328 725)

Salary Packaging Solutions

Our tailored salary packaging solutions help our clients pay their staff more without increasing the wage bill. We assist employers and employees in all aspects of salary packaging, including implementation, review, outsource and advisory.

See how we can help with your salary packaging

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Our Salary Packaging solutions

We recognise that employers have different needs and objectives when offering flexible salary packaging. We provide a fully integrated Salary Packaging and FBT Solution, catering for organisations of all sizes – whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees!

Our solution offers:

  • An end to end Salary Packaging Solution
  • Flexible Salary Packaging Solutions – one size doesn’t fit all
  • Employee training
  • A cloud-based solution
  • Full Policy documentation and implementation
  • Tax Agent sign off

  • Real time updates on tax law and policy changes
  • Integrated FBT Return Reporting
  • Comprehensive help desk support
  • A competitive fee structure
  • Provision and management of all required ATO employee declarations and elections

Your integrated FBT and Salary Packaging solution

Included Services Additional FBT Services
✓ FBT Return Outsource ✩ Car Parking Valuations (Current Year)
✓ FBT Query Service ✩ Car Parking Valuations (Retrospective)
✓ Salary Packaging Query Service ✩ Motor Vehicle Logbooks – Cars
✓ FBT and Salary Packaging Policies ✩ Motor Vehicle Logbooks – Car Parking
✓ Integrated Salary Packaging and FBT Reporting ✩ FBT Savings Review