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Salary Packaging

Offer your employees significant savings and flexibility

We have experience assisting employers and employees in all aspects of salary packaging, including implementation, review, outsource and advisory.


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Our recent salary packaging experience

  • Recommending salary packaging arrangements for a number of employers
  • Undertaking salary packaging reviews
  • Provision of salary packaging training
  • Reviewing the salary packaging relationships with Human Resources, Tax, Finance and the business operations, and streamlining the interactions.
  • Reviewing your processes in respect of Living Away From Home allowances… More
  • Review your benefit offerings and related policies and procedures
  • Recommending new benefit options

Our recent salary packaging experience

  1. Cars – Novated leases, SFM, OCM & ECM
  2. Cars – tool of trade
  3. Cars – associated leases
  4. Car parking
  5. Airline lounge memberships
  6. Wedding & Event food and drink costs
  7. Wedding & Event function hire
  8. LAFHA
  9. Relocation costs
  10. Home Leave
  11. School Fees
  12. Home Sale & Purchase incidental costs including Stamp Duty & Legals
  13. Superannuation
  14. Notebook, computers and iPads
  15. In-house childcare or recreational facilities
  16. Taxi travel
  17. In-house benefits
  18. Remote area benefits


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