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Join the EOAA for as low as $99 per year including GST – that’s less than 30 cents a day. You can have Tax, FBT, Payroll, Salary Packaging, Fleet and Accounting experts at your fingertips and get member discounts of up to 50% on training. Find out more.

The EOAA is an affiliate association of FBT Payroll & Salary Packaging Solutions.

About EOAA

We are Australia’s only fully dedicated Employer Obligations Association

Our team is qualified in Taxation, Payroll and Accounting with many years of combined experience in consulting, compliance and advisory. By becoming a member of the Employer Obligations Association of Australia (EOAA), you can tap in to a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from our specialist roles in Big 4 accounting firms, corporates and practice experience.

Whether you have 1 employee or 1,000 employees, the number of employer obligations is significant. We understand the interaction between employer obligations, but more importantly, we understand the competing needs of HR, Payroll, Finance and Taxation teams when managing employer obligations. We offer industry representation and leadership through lobbying, thought leadership and consultation. We are astute at dealing with the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Offices.

We offer a broad training schedule, with up to 50% discount for members.

fbt-solutions-membership-benefit-icon Benefits of membership:

EO assist query and answer service

Members are welcome to submit queries on any aspects of their Employer Obligations to member@employerobligations.com.au. Written responses will be sent directly to your email. Most queries will be answered same day. Where the query requires more in-depth research, the response time will be longer. Responses are referenced to relevant legislation, case law, rulings, ATOIDs and Practice Statements.

Our member query service includes all areas of Employer Obligations, including Fringe Benefits Tax and Salary Packaging, as well as Payroll, Payroll Tax, Superannuation, Termination Payments, Workcover, Contractors, Mobility (relocation and business travel), Employee Expenses (including Entertainment v Sustenance), Car Parking Valuation, Fleet Management including Logbook and Employee Share Schemes

Monthly EO updates

A monthly update and bulletin email service covering current hot topics, areas for planning opportunities, recent relevant cases, ATO/OSR rulings, and ATOIDs. Member contributions to the Monthy EO Update are also welcome.

Monthly EO spotlight series

Each month we will focus on a particular area or areas of Employer Obligations and share with you technical and operational challenges, and solutions


Employer Obligations Association of Australia

Join for as little as $99 including GST!

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