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Fleet Optimize Logbook

Capture savings and minimise compliance risk

Our vehicle LogBook Solutions can help you save on FBT, Payroll Tax and Workcover.


fbt-solutions-log-icon How we can help

We have a unique end to end logbook solution that requires minimal input from employees whilst capturing all the necessary data to complete an ATO valid logbook.

Suitable for:

  • Employers and employees
  • All industry groups
  • Government organisations
  • Self-employed
  • Claiming deductions

Available for all vehicle types:

  • Operating leases
  • Novated leases
  • Tool of trade vehicles
  • FBT exempt vehicles
  • On-road and off-road use

Our products are designed as either a 12 week logbook or an ongoing solution and we give fleet managers full visibility over the fleet. LogBook Solutions reduces compliance and administrative costs whilst minimising risk. Our solution can also help facilitate claiming fuel tax credits, reduce fleet costs, monitor car usage and provide key business analytics to help better utilise your fleet. FBT time is easy with automated printable logbooks showing ATO approved logbook reports in PDF or Excel.


Car GPS Logbook solution

Try our LogBook App – A cloud-based platform that takes just a few minutes to install, logs your trips in 2 steps, allows you to keep track online anywhere and creates ATO compliant reports.

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fbt-solutions-question-icon We can also assist you with:

  • A customised policy design to suit your organisation
  • Logbook rollout and correspondence with key stakeholders
  • Training & implementation of the solution across the organisation
  • On-going fleet monitoring and analytical reporting

  • FBT year end reporting and compliance management
  • Salary packaging and fleet management solutions
  • Operating expense management

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