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FBT Talk

FBT Talk and FBT Talk Alert newsletters provide our insights on various ATO releases, as well as an employment tax-related focus topic in each issue.

Current & Previous Issues

2018 FBT Return Survey – August 2018 – (A snapshot of our 2018 FBT Return Survey)

Salary Packaging Alert – July 2018 – (Don’t delay, the time is right to offer Salary Packaging)

FBT Talk – July 2018 – (PCG 2018/3 on FBT and Exempt Motor Vehicles)

FBT Talk – March 2018 – (FBT Year End Tips & Small Business FBT)

FBT Talk – March 2018 – (Car Parking & Fringe Benefits Tax)

FBT Talk – February 2018 – (Motor Vehicles & Fringe Benefits Tax)

2017 FBT Return Survey Report

FBT Talk – February 2018 – (Why Salary Package and what to look out for)

FBT Talk – January 2018 – (FBT and Meal entertainment)

FBT Talk Alert – December 2017 (Draft PCG 2017/D14 – Determining private use of exempt vehicles)

FBT Talk – December 2017 (Key 2018 dates and thresholds and the ATO’s focus on vehicles)

Upcoming Issues

FBT Talk – August 2018 – (Managing Employee Expenses)

FBT Talk – September 2018 – (Cars, Car Parking and FBT – what’s the latest)

Salary Packaging Talk – October 2018 – (FBT Exemptions drive employee savings)

FBT Talk – November 2018 – (Mobility & LAFHA)


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