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FBT Query Service

Helping you to manage your FBT risk and get on with running your business.

Want all-year-round access to our FBT experts?

For only $499 per year, we provide a query and answer service to solve your FBT technical problems and issues. All responses are provided in writing via email within 1 business day. (Please Note: The FBT Query Service is included in our FBT Return Outsource and FBT Return Review services.)

Here are some recent examples of typical queries:

  1. How do we claim an exemption for relocation costs?
  2. How do we measure the 1km radius for car parking?
  3. How can we Salary Package car parking?
  4. Does a working lunch for our team constitute entertainment?
  5. Does a working lunch with a client constitute entertainment?
  6. Our employee has moved home and workplace by a distance of just over 100 kilometres. Is this considered to be a relocation?
  7. Should our employee’s be making employee contributions on their Novated Lease motor vehicles?
  8. Can we provide our employees with a tax-free Living Away From Home Allowance?
  9. Are there FBT implications on frequent flyer points.
  10. What proof is required to claim exemption for an iPad?
  11. Can our employees Salary Package road tolls / e-Tag expenses?
  12. Are odometer declarations still required?

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