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FBT Advisory

Helping you to manage your FBT risk and reduce FBT shock!

Our FBT Advisory services are designed to help you understand the FBT implications of benefits provided to your employees. By seeking FBT advice, you manage your FBT risk and reduce the unfortunate situation where FBT shock (FBT not budgeted for) occurs.

Here are some recent examples of Advisory work:

  1. How do we structure the Salary Packaging of motor vehicles for our Executive employees when the vehicles are used partially for business purposes?
  2. We are planning to hold a major event that will comprise a number of events and involve employees, spouses, clients and suppliers. How do we manage the FBT costs associated with this major event?
  3. We are looking for ways to reduce the FBT liability on our fleet. What are our options?
  4. Our employees want to have greater choices with Salary Packaging. What can we offer and how does it work? Are there risks involved?
  5. We are relocating our business location and we want to offer Salary Packaged car parking to employees at our new location. How do we go about this and what are our options?

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