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Managing Employee Expenses, Entertainment and Allowances Training http://www.fbtseminars.com.au/pdf/fbt_Employee_expenses_allowances_training_Apr12.pdf

Covering meal entertainment, travel expenses, food and drink costs, local, overseas travel allowances, tax reporting and policy

Designed for Finance, Accounts Payable, HR, Payroll and Tax personnel

FBT Solutions  is delighted to offer you the opportunity to attend a half day training seminar that will explain the rules to do with employee expenses, food and drink, entertainment and travel expenses.

What we’ll cover

If your organisation provides or reimburses any of the following:

• Employee expenses

• Meal costs

• Entertainment expenses

• Travel advances

• Business travel reimbursements

• Travel allowances

• Per diems

• Living away from home allowances

Anything else? Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a Questionnaire  – to make sure we cover what you need to know!

What you’ll get

• User friendly guidelines for Meal Entertainment, Food & Drink Costs & Other common employee expenses

• A full set of seminar notes including practical examples

• Plenty of question time

• Free follow up query service

CPD/CPE hours: 4 hours, certificate will be provided

Seminar content includes

• Motor vehicle expenses

• On premises meals v off premises meals

• Credit card reconciliation

• Foreign currencies

• GST free & input taxed purchases

• Travel diaries

• Substantiation

• Tax invoice requirements

• Recommended accounting processes

• Correcting mistakes

• Understand the FBT, GST & Income  Tax implications

• Travelling employees

• Non travelling employees

• Overseas visitors

• Contractors

• Policy requirements

• Travelling clients

• Non travelling clients

• FBT Reporting

• BAS Reporting

• Employee Payment Summary Reporting

• Light lunches

• Functions

How much does it cost?

Your investment: $440 including GST Register by 31 August: $385 including GST.


When are the seminars

• Thursday 13th September 2012 – Sydney

• Thursday 20th September 2012 – Melbourne

• Wednesday 10th October 2012 – Brisbane

• Wednesday 17th October 2012 – Sydney

Duration: All seminars run from 9am to 1pm

Where are the seminars

The seminars will be held at:

• The Sydney Hilton,  488 George Street.

• The Melbourne Hilton on the Park, 192

Wellington Parade.

• The Brisbane  Hilton,  190 Elizabeth Street.

Better practices for managing specific fringe benefit types (from the ATO website – see link below)


This information outlines the legislative basis for fringe benefits tax (FBT) and provides guidance for managing specific benefit types. It outlines better practices that entities can adopt to help ensure that the capture and reporting of information for each benefit type complies with legislative requirements and related ATO rulings and guidance material.

The information is designed to help FBT Managers and other staff who have specific FBT responsibilities such as human resources staff, fleet managers and others involved in the day-to-day administration of FBT, to effectively meet an entity’s FBT obligations.


National AP Day will be held on 2 October 2012.

Do you have a gem in your AP department? Someone who goes that extra mile?

Does your AP team rock?

The individual prize winner will receive the coveted National AP Person of the year award and an Ipad3.

The AP Team winners will receive the coveted National AP Team of the year award and a $500 lunch voucher.

Nominations are open – go to www.nationalapday.com.au

Need training on employee expenses? Register at:  http://www.fbtseminars.com.au/pdf/fbt_Employee_expenses_allowances_training_Apr12.pdf

Whilst today’s announcement by the Government to defer the start date of the LAFH reforms to 1 October 2012 is recognition that employers and there employees require more time, the timing could not have been worse for those employers who have implemented the changes in anticipation of a 1 July 2012 start date.

Employees who lost there LAFHA entitlement will now be seeking reinstatement – employers will have to unravel all the work done and then revisit again in September ahead of the new 1 October start date.

There again, some employers may not be willing to change back arrangements, to then change them again in a few months.

At this time of the year there is enough going on without all this additional work.


The Government has introduced today into Parliament the bill in relation to the new rules for Living Away From Home (LAFH) concessions.

The main changes to the previously released draft legislation include:

1. a new start date of 1 October 2012 (rather than 1 July 2012);

2. a change to the ‘ordinary weekly food and drink’ or statutory amounts, back to $42 per adult per week and $21 per child per week under 12;

3. further guidance on when an employment contract may be considered to be ‘varied’ for those employees who fall within the transitional provisions. Specifically in relation to contract extensions, pay rises, promotions and a change in working hours; and

4. clarification on the start date of the 12 month capped period for claiming LAFH benefits for employees who are living away from home on 1 October 2012 and qualify for LAFH concessions under the new rules.