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FBT Returns 2013

FBT clients who lodged late in 2013

We are sending a reminder to taxpayers who lodged their 2013 fringe benefits tax return late, or are yet to lodge, to ensure they are ready to lodge on time this year.


Published: 28/02/2014



Reminder letter to be sent to FBT clients who lodged late in 2013

You told us that it can be difficult to lodge fringe benefits tax (FBT) returns on time if your clients do not provide you with the necessary information.

We are writing to taxpayers who lodged their 2013 FBT returns late, or are yet to lodge, to remind them of their obligations for this year. Some of these taxpayers may be your clients.

The letter will advise taxpayers:

  • to get their FBT information from their salary packaging or leasing firms as soon as possible
  • to provide their tax agent with all of the information by the end of April (to allow agents to complete their return, lodge it on time and avoid penalties).

We anticipate this letter will help to ensure that agents can meet the 85% on-time performance benchmark when lodging their clients 2013–14 FBT returns.

If an agent fails to lodge 85% of their clients FBT returns on-time for this year, they will not have access to the lodgment program FBT concessional due date for the following year, until the performance benchmark is reached.

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