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ATO FBT motor vehicle data matching

How we collect the data

We obtain data from the state and territory motor vehicle registering bodies. This data is matched against taxpayer records to identify those participating in the cash economy, and who may not be declaring all their income or deliberately avoiding their tax obligations.

The motor vehicle data-matching program identifies all motor vehicles sold, transferred or newly registered in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 financial year where the transfer and/or market value is $10,000 or greater.

We have obtained data from the following state and territory motor vehicle registering bodies:

State/territory Government representative
New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services, NSW
Queensland Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
Victoria VicRoads Licensing and Registrations Operations
Tasmania Tasmania Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Registration and Licensing Branch
South Australia South Australia Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Western Australia Department for  Transport
Northern Territory Department of Lands and Planning
Australian Capital Territory ACT Road Department of Urban Services, Road User Services

How we use the data

We use motor vehicle data to improve compliance with tax obligations of taxpayers by:

  • identifying taxpayers whose expenditure is in excess of their reported income
  • identifying businesses that sell vehicles and do not report, or under-report those sales
  • obtaining intelligence to increase our understanding of the behaviours and compliance profile of buyers and sellers
  • developing and implementing strategies to improve voluntary compliance, including educational or audit activities as appropriate
  • helping to address potential non-compliance in the following areas
    • income tax
    • superannuation
    • goods and services tax
    • fringe benefits tax
    • luxury car tax.

Those identified as being at risk of potentially skimming some or all of their cash takings, running part of their business ‘off-the-books’, or in other ways not reporting all their income, should contact us to make a voluntary disclosure of any under-reported amounts.

In cases where individuals or businesses fail to comply with their obligations – even after being reminded of them – other action may be appropriate, including consideration for default assessments of tax liabilities.

Data-matching projects help protect honest taxpayers by deterring, detecting and dealing with those who have not complied.