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2015 FBT & Salary Packaging Webinar Series

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2015 FBT & Salary Packaging Webinar Series


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Webinar 1 – Wednesday 10th June 2015 – Making Sense of Taxing Entertainment
Cost $82.50
This webinar will focus on distinguishing between meal entertainment and sustenance, actual method versus 50/50 method and the exemptions available under the actual method. There will be full coverage of the FBT, GST and Income Tax implications.
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Webinar 2 – Wednesday 22nd July 2015 – Motor Vehicles & FBT
Cost $82.50
This webinar will focus on the valuation methods and the key criteria for each method. Particular emphasis will be placed on the compliance requirements and he opportunities for savings. In addition, we will cover the exemption criteria requirements.
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Webinar 3 – Wednesday 12th August 2015 – Car Parking and FBT
Cost $82.50
In light of the recent court decisions on Qantas and Virgin Blue, the ATO have signalled a compliance focus on car parking fringe benefits. In this session we will unravel the complexity and provide you with practical guidance to manage and minimise your FBT liability.
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Webinar 4 – Wednesday 9th September 2015 – Relocations, Remote Area & Exemptions
Cost $82.50
The FBT treatment of relocations is often difficult and is dependent on whether the relocation is temporary or permanent. In this webinar we cover relocations in detail together with the applicable exemptions.
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Webinar 5 – Wednesday 14th October 2015 – Salary Packaging – Cars
Cost $82.50
Cars remain the most popular salary packaging item. In this webinar we will cover the process involved in packaging a car, the technical requirements and how to maximise savings.
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Register offline: http://tinyurl.com/mjnj9ku

Webinar 6 – Wednesday 11th November 2015 – Salary Packaging – Other Benefits
Cost $82.50
Salary Packaging, whilst popular, remains under utilised. In this webinar we will discuss the best benefits for packaging, the requirements and how to structure benefit policies.
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Register offline: http://tinyurl.com/mjnj9ku

About the Presenter:
Paul Mather, Founder & Director FBT Payroll & SalaryPackaging Solutions
Paul is the Founder of FBT, Payroll & Salary Packaging Solutions. Paul has extensive FBT, Payroll and Salary Packaging experience helping businesses across all industry sectors meet their ongoing Employment Taxes, Payroll and Indirect Taxes obligations, improving their internal systems and processes, and increasing employee engagement on salary packaging. Paul is involved in training on FBT, Payroll and Salary Packaging matters and asissting businesses in preparing for and managing ATO & OSR payroll and employer obligation audits.

Prior to setting up his practice, Paul worked as a Director of Employment Taxes for Ernst & Young in Sydney for 10 years.
Paul is a Registered Tax Agent, a Chartered Tax Adviser and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in both Australia and New Zealand. Paul holds a Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University in New Zealand and a Master of Taxation from Sydney University.
Paul was a member of the former ATO NTLG FBT-subcommittee Group from 2005 to 2013.

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Paul Mather
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