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Month: August 2012

The Living-Away-From-Home (LAFH) Allowances and Benefits amendments were passed in the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon.

The final Bill included Government amendments (in effect, schedule 1 as originally introduced on 28 June, was omitted and substitiuted with an amended schedule 1).

The amended Bill results in LAFH allowances being taxed entirely within the FBT system.

The start date for the measure remains the same, and the changes generally take effect from 1 October 2012.

Below is a link to the Assistant Treasurer’s press release relating to passage of the measure: http://ministers.treasury.gov.au/DisplayDocs.aspx?doc=pressreleases/2012/088.htm&pageID=003&min=djba&Year=&DocType=

The Bill and EM can be found via the following link:

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With businesses beginning the LAFHA transition process, the Office of State Revenues will be looking forward to some increased revenue.

Many LAFHA amounts will convert to Salary & Wages at 1 October 2012, and therefore PRT will apply.

Reimbursed LAFH benefits in most situations will become taxable fringe benefits, and PRT will apply to the grossed up amount – the PRT impact not be fully felt until June 2013 – but employers will need to be aware of the additional liability.

The additional liability will vary from State to State and LAFHA to LAFHA but as an example, an annual LAFHA of $60,000 will attract PRT of $3,270. That amount will balloon to over $6,000 if the LAFHA is grossed up for PAYG purposes. These additional PRT liabilities are significant.

Liabilities on Workers Compensation insurance will also increase.