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2012 FBT – uncovering the missing benefits

Here are some benefits we have uncovered in our FBT return review work:

  1. Long service awards – it’s not just the excess over the threshold that’s taxable, it’s the lot
  2. 2011 Rugby World Cup costs (and keep an eye on costs for the 2012 Olympics) – accommodation, airfares, taxis, meals, match tickets, sightseeing tours etc
  3. Permanent residency application costs
  4. Permanent residency consulting fees
  5. University fees
  6. Waiving of employee termination recoveries (Relocation costs, PR application costs, Study costs)
  7. Car parking – not identifying all benefits
  8. Car parking – not performing a survey www.fbtme.com.au

And remember, it’s not what’s in the FBT return that’s the issue, it’s what’s not in the FBT return that is the issue